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The 7-Figure Leader: Unleash Leadership Excellence

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of exceptional leadership? In 'The 7-Figure Leader,' Rico, a seasoned leadership coach with a remarkable journey through Zappos and Netflix, invites you to explore a new paradigm of success. Beyond the balance sheets and corporate strategies, this book delves into the heart of leadership.

Rico's unique perspective, deeply rooted in human connection, conquering self-doubt, and defeating imposter syndrome, reveals that leadership isn't just a role; it's a personal transformation. You'll learn how to put people first, foster emotional bonds, and cultivate a thriving work culture.

Through his wealth of professional experience and an unshakable belief that leaders are made, not born, Rico will guide you on a journey that leads to both financial success and profound personal fulfillment. If you're ready to redefine leadership, 'The 7-Figure Leader' is your path to becoming the leader you were born to be.

Rico Nasol


Rebel Girls
Set Learning Free

Hello! I'm Rico Nasol, Founder of The 7-Figure Leader .

I'm Rico Nasol, an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur with over 18 years of global experience in various roles across seven countries. My journey started from humble beginnings and took me through significant executive positions at Zappos and Netflix, where I played a pivotal role in establishing the Netflix Creative Studio from the ground up.

Not only is this course an output of my journey and research. It is also a fast track for you to avoid all of the mistakes I made while still retaining all of the valuable lessons.

I'm also a father, which adds a unique dimension to my leadership perspective. As an introvert, I've personally grappled with imposter syndrome, a challenge many leaders face.

Through it all, I've remained a leader, driven by a heart-centered approach that always puts people first. I truly believe that exceptional leadership is attainable for anyone with the right mindset, determination, and skills.

So, join me in redefining leadership, fostering engagement, and enhancing productivity. Let's unleash your leadership potential together and contribute to creating workplaces where inclusivity, high-performance, and engagement thrive.

Rico Nasol


Elsa Dunkin

Rico is my "go-to" person for honest, sound counsel on hard decisions, whether they are about the functions of the business or the nuances of people leadership.

Elsa Dunkin

Director of Program Mgmt - Airbnb

Eli Ash

He has been countlessly insightful and clear-headed during even the most challenging of circumstances and spent his time coaching me to understand and reflect with the information in the right ways to determine the best route for me and my team.

Eli Ash

Managing Director - Netflix

Reed Clement

Rico's leadership while at Netflix was transformative for myself and his teams. He empowers his groups to self-navigate their areas of the business, and facilitates a safe space where both successes and failures are wins to learn from.

Reed Clement

Head of Creative Labs - Netflix


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