How to go from imposter syndrome and doubt to becoming a 6-7 figure leader.

The 7-Figure Leader is a unique coaching program that helps executives, aspiring leaders, and entrepreneurs gain complete confidence and increase productivity in 90 days with a strong leadership style, a clear vision, and a thriving team so they can earn 6 to 7 figures.




Andy Lerma - Netflix

The wisdom, knowledge, and leadership tactics Rico shared with me helped me overcome my lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, and fear of failing. If you want to break through and uplevel your game, Rico is your coach!

Elsa Dunkin - Airbnb

Rico is my "go-to" person for honest, sound counsel on hard decisions, whether they are about the functions of the business or the nuances of people leadership.

Eli Ash - Netflix

He has been countlessly insightful and clear-headed during even the most challenging of circumstances and has spent his time coaching me to understand and reflect on the information in the right ways to determine the best route for me and my team.

Reed Clement - Creative Labs

Rico's leadership while at Netflix was transformative for myself and his teams. He empowers his groups to self-navigate their areas of the business and facilitates a safe space where both successes and failures are wins to learn from.


Better career. More earning potential.


Learn to conquer imposter syndrome, leverage emotional intelligence in a more meaningful way, and give and receive more effective feedback that can help make conflict resolution much easier.


These are the same skills I used to scale global teams at Zappos and Netflix. You will increase engagement, build trust, improve productivity, and create more leaders in your organization while sticking to your values.

We help leaders conquer self-doubt, unlock their leadership potential, and increase their earning potential.

When you work with us, you'll build trust with your team, inspire everyone around you, and increase the impact to your organization, your career, and your bank account.

Lack of Confidence

We work together to create a custom roadmap made specifically with your strengths and gaps in mind.

No Training

I give you personalized attention to ensure that you are making progress towards your leadership and salary goals.

Fear of Failure

You'll get lifetime access to the 7-Figure Leader workbooks, strategies, tools, and course updates.


A Time Tested Program Created For Leaders Like YOU

Backed by nearly two decades of experience in leadership at Fortune 100 companies like Zappos and Netflix, we are experts.

Conquer Doubt

We'll tackle imposter syndrome and doubts leaders feel around perfectionism, fear of failure, second-guessing themselves, and other common mindset blockers.

Emotional Intelligence

You'll get practical tools to build, practice, and deploy emotional intelligence strategies that have proven to build trust and collaboration.

Feedback & Conflict Resolution

Let me help you grow your business and wow your customers.

Mission Driven

Create your organization's mission statement which creates purpose while inspiring and motivating.

Ultimate Vision

Create and articulate the vision for your organization. This helps teams understand where you're going and how to get there.

Effective Communication

Learn to create clarity and effectively communicate with your team, organization, and executives.

Multipliers & Diminishers

Understand how to multiply your team to truly "do more with less". Understand some common approaches to leadership that damage organizational growth and development.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging.

Team's today need a sense of belonging as well as a mission they believe in. You will learn how to balance it all while still holding everyone accountable to high-performance.

Coach & Mentor

Learn how to apply all of the learnings from this course through coaching & mentorship in your organizations. Culture is top-down, and for real change to happen, leaders must learn how to deploy all of these skills and tools to be successful.

Program Summary

What's inside waiting for you?

  • More Confidence

Pillar #1: Leadership Launch Pad

This includes an in-depth audit of your current strengths, weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and situational challenges. Meaning you'll have a step-by-step roadmap for transforming your leadership style, building authentic connections, increasing your team's productivity, and advancing your career.

  • Higher Earning Potential

Pillar #3. Group Coaching Calls

This includes weekly group coaching calls with a network of ambitious leaders like yourself, guided by Rico Nasol. These sessions are designed to facilitate discussions, provide answers to your burning questions, and offer the support you need on your leadership journey. Meaning you will have regular opportunities to gain insights from expert-led discussions, receive personalized advice, and refine your leadership strategies.

  • More Productivity

Pillar #2: Expert 1:1 Coaching

This includes monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with Rico, backed by nearly two decades of leadership experience at Fortune 100 companies. Meaning you'll get direct assistance helping you boost your confidence, conquer imposter syndrome, and refine your leadership style - leading to a higher level of influence, more successful teams, and an increase in your earning potential.

  • Authentic Leadership

Pillar #4. The 7-Figure Leader Community

This includes exclusive access to a private digital space where you can network with other aspiring 6-7 figure leaders, share insights, and get instant feedback. Meaning you'll have a supportive and engaging environment to navigate your leadership journey, reinforcing your learning and fostering growth through shared experiences and mutual support.

  • More Confidence

Pillar #5. The 7-Figure Leader Course

This includes a comprehensive collection of training videos designed to guide you step by step towards improving your confidence, clarity, and culture. Meaning you will have an on-demand resource at your fingertips, providing you with in-depth insights and practical techniques you can refer to at any time. These are the same tactics have been battle tested and used to build high-performing teams at companies like Netflix and Zappos.

  • More Productivity

“Inspire & Aspire” Guarantee

In 12 weeks, you will say with 100% certainty that you have conquered self-doubt, boosted your leadership skills, and significantly increased your earning potential. Or, I’ll work with you for 30 days for free to get you there.

Enough talk, let's accelerate my journey!

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"Imperfect action is better than no action at all..." -Rico Nasol

Created by Rico Nasol Leadership Coaching & Consulting 2023